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Committed to provide only the best quality products


Quality Assurance

Our production process is consistently and carefully controlled. We always ensure that pathogenic bacteria and other foreign materials are eliminated through drying and screening process and running the tests for every shipment.
Furthermore, we are constantly testing for our products at the best laboratories to measure specific elements, moisture, plus occasional testing for micronutrients, heavy metals, and trace elements.
Through the rigorous quality assurance processes, we always achieve the health certificate from the government before delivering the products to our clients.

Preservation and Maintenance of the Environment

We very much value the environment and try to protect the functioning ecosystems.
One of our products, bat guano, are found in bat caves and collected sustainably so that there will be a growing and healthy population in each bat colony, which thereby provides a steady source of the organic bat guano fertilizer without damaging the surrounding environment.


Precise and reliable delivery

We always make sure the cargo is consistent with the contract so there will be very minimum chance of error. Containers used are always cleaned and checked properly before product loading, so the product will arrive in its best condition. We also reckon the most balanced way to load the product to make sure it will be shipped safely during the journey.

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